Once again Gambero Rosso’s "Pasticceri & Pasticcerie" guide has awarded Pasticceria Dalmasso the highest recognition of tre torte or three cakes. For 2020, Pasticceria Dalmasso has positioned itself yet again among the greats of Italian pastry art. "Pasticceri & Pasticcerie" contains 580 addresses that represent the best examples of skilled Italian craftsmanship, with marks out of a hundred divided between Pastry, Service and Atmosphere. Only 23 out of the 580 places have received the prestigious tre torte.

Alessandro Dalmasso will present his new book, "La Piccola Grande Pasticceria", at Sigep. The presentation will take place at the Chiriotti Editori stand (South Hall, stand 003) on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 11:30 a.m. Published by Chiriotti, the volume focuses not just on the production process but also on the artistic process, demonstrating how mignon pastry is both current and versatile. This book represents an important piece of work where the author has put pen to paper on 30 years of his career, research, studies, comparison and analysis, in a varied and exciting collection of recipes.

The prestigious role of president of the judging panel at the Italian Seniores Pastry Championship – the Italian selection for the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie – will be filled by Alessandro Dalmasso. Selections to put together the new team that will represent Italy on an international stage will take place at Sigep in Rimini on Monday 20th January 2020. Seven talents will be competing in a unique opportunity to put themselves up against one another. They will be judged by a panel of great pastry masters led by Alessandro.

A bronze worth gold!

On 28th January, the Italian team, coached by Alessandro Dalmasso and made up of Lorenzo Puca, Mattia Cortinovis and Andrea Restuccia, won a place on the podium with a bronze medal at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon. It was a prestigious achievement for the young team and a great source of satisfaction for our Alessandro.

Pasticceria Dalmasso: Three Gambero Rosso Cakes for 2019 too

Once again this year, the Pasticceria Dalmasso is present in the "Pasticceri e Pasticcerie 2019" guide. This prestigious collection has been put together by Gambero Rosso to celebrate "the best examples of skilled Italian craftsmanship, where know-how and knowledge combine with high-quality raw materials to unite creativity and tradition" (translated from Gambero Rosso).

Pasticceria Dalmasso in Dubai for the inauguration of the Stella Di Mare Dubai Marina Hotel

The brand new Stella di Mare Dubai Marina Hotel chose Alessandro Dalmasso’s pastries to celebrate its inauguration last January.

Alessandro Dalmasso juror for the European Cup 2018 of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

Turin was chosen to host the final of the European Cup at the Oval Lingotto on June 10th-12th before the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie final, which will be held in Lyon in 2019. The Piedmont city will therefore host the European selection for the most prestigious international high-patisserie competition, created in Lyon in 1989 by Pastry chef Gabriel Paillasson.
Participants come from seven countries: Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Switzerland and Bulgaria. Having won the 2015 edition, Italy earned a place in the 2019 final.
This year, the new President of the Italian section of the Club Coupe Du Monde de la Pâtisserie Alessandro Dalmasso will be part of the jury.

All the sweetness of the world, in a mignon.

Rivoli, in the new Pasticceria Dalmasso, tradition according to the Pastry Master Alessandro: from 15 March 2017 come and taste his avant-garde reinterpretation of Piedmontese patisserie, the results of decades of work, awards and accomplishments, journeys to discover flavours from around the world and lessons passed on from his father Giuseppe.

"The flavour which comes from my products must be a sweet, unforgettable memory."

From 15 March Alessandro and Monica Dalmasso look forward to welcoming you in Corso Susa, 7A.

Still on top in the Gambero Rosso Pasticceri & Pasticcerie guide!

The Pasticceria Dalmasso, now with its two shops, has once again been awarded ‘Tre torte’ (three cakes) in the 2018 guide, taking sole possession of second place in Italy.

‘When I heard the news I thought: I'm on the right path,’ said Pastry Master Dalmasso, ‘a path where every day is marked by exceptionality, improvement and challenging ourselves. There’s a little bit of madness each day, which I share with my colleagues and my wife Monica, the perfect right-hand for any situation and new business, like Dalmasso Rivoli. The biggest challenge has been creating increasingly good top-notch products whilst at the same time managing the differences between the two shops, ensuring they are both two parts of a single identity, and we are really happy with this result.’

Alta Pasticceria Dalmasso brings delight to Monaco

Italian Cuisine Week is the perfect chance to share Italy's finest Chefs and Pastry Masters with the world, as well as their most exquisite creations. And so, on 21 November last year, Alessandro Dalmasso visited the wonderful Principality of Monaco to delight taste buds with his interpretation of tradition: simplicity, innovation and elegance as exemplified by his famous bignoline mini choux puffs. In keeping with his ethos, Pastry Master Dalmasso also held a workshop for students: a live lesson on the Piemontese art of pastry making, during which he prepared the delights which were then offered to the public for tasting.

Read the press release from the event

Pasticceria Dalmasso: always on top for Gambero Rosso!

Gambero Rosso has reconfirmed the "three cakes" award for 2016 for our patisserie, which proves itself to be the only unmissable destination for sweet treats in Piedmont. "Three cakes" are awarded by the renowned Pastry Chef and Patisserie Guide to unmissable places for those with a sweet tooth and is awarded to just 15 establishments, including Iginio Massari and Gino Fabbri.
Read the press release from Gambero Rosso

Alessandro Dalmasso new President of the Italian Section of the Club Coupe du Monde del la Pâtisserie

Change is in the air for the Club, gold at the World Championships in Lyon: Emmanuele, Francesco and Fabrizio have a new President, the Master Pastry Chef Alessandro Dalmasso who takes over from the Master Pastry Chef Gino Fabbri. The appointment took place at the last AMPI Symposium when the Club celebrated its victory and the handover before Italy's top pastry chefs. The Master Pastry Chef Dalmasso will lead the Italian Team towards new challenges and new goals in the coming years, again demonstrating the importance of development and competition, constant improvement and team work.

Pasticceria Dalmasso goes to Tokyo for the "Festa Gourmet Italiana"

Alessandro Dalmasso and the staff from his laboratory will present their creations from the 8th to 13th September at the prestigious event organised by the luxurious Takashimaya department store in Tokyo.

In the historic Nihombashi centre, the eighth floor will be fitted with a stand for the public demonstration of Turin's Patisserie according to Alessandro: Mini choux puffs, Gianduiotti and Marron Glacé.