Leavened sweets for breakfast

Breakfast big selection:

Bicolor croissants with berries, pistachio and Gianduja
Saccottini with double-chocolate
Sweet buns filled with custard and apricot jam
Cereal Croissants
Puff pastries with apples, nuts and maple juice


Naturally leavened cake.

Its characteristic is the typical Piedmont hazelnut flavour, rich and lasting yet not too sweet. The combination with smooth gianduja and drops of plain chocolate from Ghana is perfect to indulge in sweet childhood memories, like… bread and chocolate.


Dalmasso Chocolate is produced from a selection of the finest cocoa beans grown on plantations from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean.

You can recognise it from its perfectly shiny colour, dense and smooth, and the fragrance which tickles your senses.

Try snapping it: a clean cut. Then taste it: it will break with a small distinct crack as you enjoy its exquisite, light and silky texture, containing no other fat other than cocoa butter. Its persistent bouquet and flavour will delight your taste buds.

The Gourmandise

The new Gourmandise Dalmasso line is a range of products which include sweet surprises and fanciful creations, to brighten up any moment of the day.

Amalfi Sacher
The Gourmandise range introduces an incredible cake: a true work of art with a fruits of the forest and chocolate heart covered in a perfect white chocolate and lemon glaze. A dessert that gives you an irreplaceable moment of pleasure whenever you wish.

A cake with a surprising appearance and flavour thanks to an incredible mix that combines the sweetness of chocolate with the unique notes of pistachios and almonds. Everything topped with a shiny layer of chocolate.

The mignons

Little and precious creamy pastry: a wide selection that is a bridge between classic and contemporary taste, with a special touch given by Master Alessandro.

Mini choux puffs

The great Piedmontese confectionary tradition meets true creative genius, resulting in these small, unforgettable sweet delights.

Paris Brest Rivoli
A delicious choux pastry bun with a sweet fresh and three-vanilla cream enriched with a just a hint of chocolate. Raspberries, strawberries and a touch of violets make this cake an essential summer pleasure.

The Giandujotto

The Giandujotto Dalmasso is the most symbolic product of Turin's chocolate-making tradition throughout the world.

In our artisan production, we use only the finest raw materials: single origin Criollo cocoa beans from Venezuela, IGP Tonda Gentile Tribolata hazelnuts from Piedmont, white cane sugar and bourbon vanilla beans.

It has a fine, compact structure, and at the same time is creamy and silky in the mouth, melting instantly and releasing delicate and persistent atoms of hazelnut and cocoa.

To preserve the fragrance and freshness, we wrap the Gianduiotto by hand, adorning each one with a golden wrapper.


Dalmasso biscuits are the ones you loved as a child, and one day your grandchildren will love them too.

Because they are a classic...eternally delicious!

Like in bygone times, we still use only good, natural, genuine ingredients in our Savoiardi, Soft Amaretti, Milk biscuits, Finocchini, Spiced biscuits and Novara biscuits.


A perfect cake for the nice season: a crunchy multigrain pastry filled with a fresh lemon and ginger cream finished with flamed meringue. A light summer delicacy perfect to share after dinner.

"Torta Peccato di gola" - a cake to die for!
Chocolate mousse, amarena cherry jelly, caramel, almonds, vanilla, crispy rice and cocoa beans.
Silver medal-winning cake in the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon in 2009.
An unmissable taste experience, you must try it!